The Sassy Fit at The Sassy Peacock is a wonderful service for those of us who are not that good at shopping and putting together an outfit. I just called and gave them all my sizes for pants, shirts, skirts, and shoes and made my appointment to come in, and they did all the hard work for me. You really feel special when you go in and see the racks of all the clothes they have put together for you to try on. No more hunting through all those racks of clothes trying to find your size or trying to put outfits together from multiple racks of clothes. No more trying on clothes, the clothes not fitting your body type, and then having to put all your clothes back on to go back out to the racs and get more clothes to try on! The staff would just hand me outfits while I was in the dressing room, and then they helped me accessorize the outfits. It was like having my own personal shopper! What a great feeling!! They really showed me how to put outfits together and proper clothes to wear for my body type. I can't say enough about The Sassy Fit Service at The Sassy Peacock. Sassy Fit has really shown me all the tools of shopping to make me look great in my clothes. See Before and After Photos


- Alice DeGeorge December 3, 2015

I have spinal stenosis and not only is money tight, but so is the time I can spend standing or sitting. Luckily, The Sassy Peacock helps with both. My 16 year old can bring in her babysitting money and pick out an outfit with the help of the staff. The staff is young/hip enough for her to trust but professional enough for me to trust as well. We also love the idea that purchases of gently worn articles are earth friendly!

-Lori Watt January 15, 2016

My mother-in-law was at one of your sales and only wanted one thing: her first pair of jeans!! She never pays full price for anything and was adamant about needing an elastic waistband...so my job was cut out for me. I know The Sassy Peacock only carries classy, modern, and current styles so I was not hopeful to find this pair of jeans, petite even! But, one of your staff, and I am sorry I do not know her name, went "in the back", probably where the rejected clothing is stored! And she found the perfect pair of jeans. Petite with elastic waist and pockets! Mom was thrilled, they fit perfectly, and cost one dollar! We are all believers in the service and friendliness of The Sassy Peacock.


-Theresa Blazek January 15, 2016

The Sassy Peacock can take the drabbest pheasant and transform her into the snazziest peacock! How do I know? Well the ladies there worked with my chubby size and the clothing they had on-hand to dress me up for confidence.
(I was a makeover winner a few years ago!) See Before and After Photos

-Denise Powell January 15, 2016

I live in Ohio and visit my Erie friend infrequently, HOWEVER, when I do visit, your store is on the "must see" stops!! It's unparalleled in selection, service, and presentation . . . all factors that make The Sassy Peacock the pre-eminent store in the greater Erie area!

-G. Stigliano January 15, 2016